Apex Tier 1 Org May REJOIN for ALGS Year 4…But With What Roster?

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Spacestation Gaming

In the world of Apex Legends, the competitive scene is always buzzing with excitement and anticipation. As we gear up for ALGS Year 4, one of the biggest questions on the minds of fans and esports enthusiasts is who will be joining the fray. Among the organizations generating excitement, Team Spacestation Gaming (SSG) is making waves with hints of a potential return to the scene. But the big question remains: with what roster?

SSG, known for their successful ventures in various esports titles, has been out of the Apex Legends scene for a while after their claim that EA did not take care of the orgs within the ALGS. However, recent social media activity suggests they might be making a comeback. While several potential rosters could be on the table, there are two standout options that fans can’t help but speculate about.

Option 1: Building a Roster Around “Sweetdreams”

One of the most compelling options for SSG would be to build a roster around the former NRG player and captain, “Sweetdreams.” Sweetdreams is an iconic figure in the North American Apex Legends scene. Not only is he a skilled player with an impressive track record, but he also boasts an incredible influence and following within the Apex community. His substantial social media presence would undoubtedly be an asset for any team. SSG would be remiss not to consider the charismatic Sweet, as his inclusion could bring both success and a significant fan following to the organization.

Option 2: Signing Team “Already There”

Another intriguing possibility is SSG signing the “Already There” team, consisting of ImMadness, Keon, and Vaxlon. This team has been through the highs and lows of competitive Apex, and after a challenging Year 3 for all individuals, they’ve come together once again. In the last two weeks, they have consistently proven their worth, emerging as one of the strongest and most consistent teams in North American scrims. Notably, all three players hold a higher ELO rating than any other team in North America, showcasing their impressive skills and potential. Bringing this talented trio on board would be a strategic move for SSG.


Despite SSG being a prominent roster for NA the last time they were involved in the ALGS, the org could still look to venture outside the NA. With big powerhouse names leaving the APAC S region, many fans feel as if the region would be “free” or “easier” with the right resources. SSG could look to secure LAN spots effortlessly with one of the current APAC S rosters. However this is not likely given the nature of the NA popularity.

ALGS Year 4

The Apex Legends community is excited over these potential roster options. Whether SSG decides to build a team around Sweetdreams or signs the “Already There” squad or an unknown option, great things are bound to happen. Both options offer a blend of seasoned expertise and proven track records, promising an exciting future for SSG in the ALGS Year 4.

As we eagerly await the official announcement from Team Spacestation Gaming (if one at all), one thing is certain: their return to the Apex Legends competitive scene will undoubtedly shake things up and add more excitement to the already thriving world of esports. Apex Legends fans can hardly wait to see which path SSG will choose and how it will impact their journey in Year 4 of the ALGS.

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