RamBeau Signs with NativeGaming for Apex ALGS

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Apex Legends fans rejoice as the seasoned pro RamBeau makes a stunning return to the competitive scene. After facing setbacks and a brief retirement, he’s back with a bang, joining North American powerhouse NativeGaming for Year 4 of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS).

RamBeau’s journey in ALGS Year 3 took a hit when his previous team, TheGuard, disbanded. He initially retired, but the competitive itch never left him. In Year 3, he attempted a comeback with various teams, but success remained elusive.

Roster Announcement

Now, RamBeau is ready for a fresh start with NativeGaming, alongside Clane and Mamba. His experience and exceptional skills are sure to boost the team’s prospects. This roster is poised for greatness in ALGS Year 4.

What Happened to their previous roster?

Recently, the NativeGaming Roster broke apart after a disappointing performance in ALGS year 3. Former player “Prophet” posted his departure as he looked for a new team for Year 4.

The return of RamBeau to competitive Apex Legends has the gaming community buzzing with excitement. With NativeGaming’s impressive lineup, fans can’t wait to see them in action. More on RamBeau soon as he has accepted an interview with ALGS News channel “JMeyels”. As the ALGS Year 4 unfolds, we’ll be watching closely to see if RamBeau and NativeGaming can climb to the top once again.

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