Apex Pro Monsoon Potential ALGS Roster Update

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Apex Legends professional player Monsoon, a member of Team Complexity, has been in the spotlight recently due to significant roster changes. Monsoon’s former teammates, Lewda and Cody, have moved on, leaving him in search of two new players to join him in ALGS competitions. However, a recent development during ALGS scrims has given fans a glimpse of a potential new roster: Monsoon, Caprah, and Fuhhnq.

The Monsoon-Lewda-Cody Era

Monsoon, Lewda, and Cody had formed in the Apex Legends competitive scene, hoping for success in the ALGS but sadly were not able to witness it.

The Roster Shuffle

In the ever-evolving world of esports, change is inevitable. Lewda and Cody’s departure prompted Monsoon to seek new teammates, a decision met with anticipation by fans eager to see who would join for Team Complexity.

Last night’s ALGS scrims offered a sneak peek into the potential future of Team Complexity. Monsoon was seen teaming up with Caprah and Fuhhnq, both recognized for their individual skills. This unexpected trio combination generated interest and discussion within the Apex Legends community. It’s unsure if this roster will continue but it does seem to be in the plans for lead player Monsoon.

This was also mentioned in recent ALGS News Channel video of roster updates including Complexity and others:

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