Apex Pro Enemy to Leave Disguised ALGS Roster

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In a candid stream, Apex Legends pro player Enemy announced his eventual departure from the ALGS team Disguised following the upcoming Champs LAN. His transparent discussion about his situation has shed light on the internal struggles and dynamics within the team.

Disguised has been a significant player in the North American Split 2 Pro League narrative. Their impressive performance in Split 1 not only secured their spot in the end-of-year Champs LAN but also earned them a place in the upcoming Esports World Cup (ESWC). However, this season has told a different story for the team.

Starting off on a rough note, Disguised found themselves struggling in the initial match days, landing in the bottom five on the overall leaderboard. The departure of fan-favorite player iiTzTimmy, who joined Not Moist mid-season, shocked many fans and marked a turning point for the team.

Despite their potential and previous success, Disguised has officially been eliminated from qualifying for the Split 2 LAN, currently sitting in 29th place with only 15 points.

After Timmy’s exit, Enemy and Dezignful, brought in veteran player Xenial in hopes of a resurgence, unfortunately, these efforts weren’t enough to revive the team’s performance. Enemy’s departure, as he explained, is rooted in his diminishing enjoyment of the game, particularly his lack of fun playing alongside Dezignful.

As the ESWC and Champs LAN draw near, fans are hopeful for a memorable final performance from Disguised. This could very well be their last hurrah, marking the end of an era for the team. Stay tuned for more updates on Enemy’s future and the evolving story of Disguised.

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