The MOST LIKELY To JOIN DarkZero Apex Roster for ALGS Year 4

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Apex Legends has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and with that rise comes the emergence of talented professional teams competing at the highest level. One such team is DarkZero, who have been making waves in the competitive scene for years. However, as with any competitive sport, roster changes are an inevitable part of a team’s journey. DarkZero recently released Xynew from their roster, opening up the question of who will fill his shoes. In this article, we’ll explore the most likely candidates to replace Xynew and examine their potential contributions to the DarkZero squad.

Gild: The North American Controller Sensation

One of the leading candidates to join DarkZero is Gild, a former NRG player and an exceptionally skilled controller player hailing from North America. Gild has already made a name for himself in the Apex Legends community, showcasing his exceptional and game sense and lets be honest, how devastating controller can be up close in the hands of a good player. His previous experience with a reputable organization like NRG is a testament to his talent and dedication to the game. Gild’s proficiency with a controller makes him a valuable asset, as controller players often bring a unique perspective to the game which seems to be what DarkZero is interested in.

Zaine: The EMEA Controller Prodigy

Another strong contender to replace Xynew on the DarkZero roster is Zaine, formerly of the Kansas City Pioneers (KCP). Zaine is a standout controller player from the EMEA region, known for his exceptional aim and game sense as well like Gild. Adding Zaine to the DarkZero lineup could diversify their skill set, bringing in fresh strategies and tactics from the EMEA region. His experience in high-stakes tournaments and his ability to perform under pressure make him an appealing choice for the team.

Wxltzy: The APAC S Region Veteran

Wxltzy is another potential candidate to join DarkZero, and he brings a unique blend of experience and skill to the table. Hailing from the APAC South region, which is the same region that Zer0 and Gen are from and played in before moving to NA for pro league, Wxltzy has competed at a high level in Apex Legends for years. His understanding of the game’s mechanics and meta is extensive, making him a valuable addition to any team.

Moreover, Wxltzy’s friendship with Zer0 and the rumors of their interest in teaming up suggest that their chemistry could potentially translate into a formidable in-game partnership. This synergy and familiarity with teammates can be a game-changer in Apex Legends’ competitive scene.


There are other less likely candidates that could potentially find themselves on DarkZero’s roster like “Luxford” from team MEAT LOVERS. As DarkZero search for a replacement for Xynew it has led them to consider several talented candidates. Gild, Zaine, Wxltzy, and maybe others less mentioned. Each bring their unique strengths and experiences to the table. Gild’s raw slaying power, Zaine’s EMEA perspective, and Wxltzy’s extensive experience in the APAC South region all make them compelling choices.

Ultimately, the decision of who will join DarkZero’s roster will depend on various factors, including team dynamics, communication, and gameplay synergy. The future looks promising for DarkZero, as they aim to solidify their position as a dominant force in the competitive Apex Legends scene with their new lineup. Apex Legends fans around the world will be eagerly watching to see who DarkZero chooses to complete their team and how they perform in upcoming tournaments. Stay tuned here as we keep you updated.


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