EA Working On ALGS Org ISSUES in Apex

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Fans have worried for quite some time about the future of Apex Legends esports. Many organizations like G2, Liquid, NRG, SSG, KCP, SNG, and Cloud 9 have left and blamed EA for lack of support on the scene.

In a recent esports live stream, TSM Player Manager Minustempo shared his optimism for the future of Apex Legends esports, offering hope to fans concerned about the recent withdrawal of several organizations from the scene.

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Minustempo’s positive outlook centered on the potential for esports organizations to become more self-reliant in supporting their Apex Legends teams. While traditional support is valuable, he emphasized the importance of teams taking more ownership and reducing their dependence on external assistance. He did however hint that EA was aware of the backlash and has realized their need to step in to some degree. From the ALGS News YouTube channel recent video, you can see from the time stamped video what minustempo had to say:


This also comes after Head of Luminosity, Alex Gonzalez, stated multiple times including recent reply to HisWattson that it “isn’t the publishers job to solve business models for orgs”.

However, minustempo also hinted at underlying challenges that need addressing, leaving fans eager to learn more about potential solutions. These discussions within the community signal a determination to secure the future of Apex Legends as a thriving competitive esport.

Despite recent setbacks, Minustempo’s optimism and the ongoing conversations in the community indicate that Apex Legends esports is far from a downfall. Fans can anticipate a resilient and evolving competitive scene as the game adapts to changing circumstances, ensuring a promising future.

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