Apex Pro Snip3down Officially Removed FaZe ALGS Spot

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In an official and awaited move, the Apex Legends community had confirmed the official departure of Snip3down from the “FaZe” roster spot, as announced on the ALGS Battlefy Transactions page. This revelation marks a significant shift in the competitive landscape, signaling potential changes for both Snip3down, his former teammates, and FaZe.

The decision comes amidst earlier indications of a FaZe roster breakup, with players Xera and Pandxrz hinting at exploring alternative options for Split 2 of the ALGS. Despite the impending separation, Xera and Pandxrz are slated to retain the “FaZe” Pro League Qualifier (PLQ) spot, raising speculation about their future affiliations.

As Snip3down parts ways with FaZe, he let us know he gave the spot to his former teammates for the sake of the PLQ (Pro League Qualifiers) coming up. The community is left pondering his next move.

Recent scrim sessions with Xenial and Lewda, former members of the “Sentinels” team, have stirred rumors about a potential collaboration, but he is supposedly “not committing to a team until after LAN”. Fans keenly await further developments in what promises to be an intriguing chapter of ALGS Rostermania.

As the dust settles and players realign themselves for the upcoming split, all eyes remain glued to the unfolding narrative of roster changes and strategic maneuvers. Will FaZe Sign an entire new roster for Split 2? Will they pick up a team for Split 1 LAN? Stay tuned for more updates as ALGS Rostermania continues to unfold, promising twists and turns that will shape the future of competitive Apex Legends.

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