Pro Apex Team Pulverex Releases ALGS Roster

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In a recent development in the APAC North competitive Apex Legends scene, Pulverex, a prominent organization in the region, has announced the departure of its roster on April 30th. This news made public via the official Pulverex Twitter account, created whispers across the community, leaving fans and analysts speculating about the future of the team and its individual members.

The organization conveyed that the trio comprising Ftyan, Umichan, and Hammerdrill would be parting ways with Pulverex. The announcement mentioned that “the three members would be graduating from the team”, effectively transitioning them into free agency. This move comes in the wake of Pulverex’s performance in Split 1 of the APAC North Pro League, where they narrowly missed qualification for the prestigious Los Angeles LAN event, finishing just outside the top 8 at the 9th position, falling short by a mere 6 points.

With Split 2 of the APAC North Pro League on the horizon, the future of Ftyan, Umichan, and Hammerdrill hangs in the balance. The trio faces a pivotal decision: whether to stick together and seek out a new organization to represent or embark on separate paths in pursuit of new opportunities within the competitive Apex Legends circuit. The uncertainty surrounding their next move adds an intriguing layer to the unfolding narrative of the esports landscape.

For Pulverex, the departure of its APAC North roster signifies a pivotal moment. The possibility of signing a fresh roster looms large, presenting Pulverex with an opportunity to revitalize its competitive presence in the region. As the esports community eagerly awaits further developments, all eyes remain glued to Pulverex, Ftyan, Umichan, and Hammerdrill.

For now, enthusiasts are urged to stay tuned for updates as the story continues to unfold.


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