ESG Joins Apex for ALGS Year 4 Pro League

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New Organization Joins

In a surprising move that has sent slight hope in the Apex Legends scene, ElectrifySteel now rebranding fully to ESG has announced its entry into the ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) scene by signing the team Upper Moon. Renowned in the Call of Duty Challengers scene, ESG is now poised to make a lasting impact in the Apex Legends competitive landscape. Their Executive Vice President continued excitement by saying “We are all in on Apex.”

ESG is still in the Call of Duty scene, but not in the same capacity as they were once known for. The team now has arguably the best and youngest rosters, but sadly no longer being present in the challenger scene.

Upper Moon

The acquisition of Upper Moon, a formidable roster with a strong presence in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region, had many fans wondering what was so promising about this specific team. We reached out to the Executive Vice President of ElectrifySteel to ask what made them choose this team.

The Roster

The team consists of seasoned players, including Lufka, lighT, Blasts, and coach Liuq, all of whom bring a wealth of experience from previous years of ALGS. While EMEA teams are often met with skepticism due to the strong NA presence in the competitive Apex Legends community, the Upper Moon roster has already begun to dispel doubts surrounding their potential.

Lufka, in particular, stands out with a notable 3rd-place finish at Year 3 Split 1 playoffs with his previous roster “Ascend”, showcasing his individual ability to see success.

The team has further solidified its reputation by excelling in various smaller community tournaments. Notable achievements include a 1st-place finish in Code Red: Freedom Season 2 – Open 4, and an impressive showing in the EXO Clan x Source Gaming – Fire and Fortune event. These victories not only highlight the skill and coordination of the Upper Moon roster but also underscore ElectrifySteel’s commitment to fostering a competitive and successful Apex Legends team.

Executive VP Comments

We reached out to the Executive Vice President of ESG, JP Williams, and asked him why they chose this roster. He replied: “We felt this was one of the better rosters that was suited for us, we weren’t going after teams in specific regions just what we felt would the best fit with the environment we have created here at ESG.During the negotiation process one thing that stuck out to us was the teams dedication and eagerness to work. Their enthusiasm is what we loved most.”

Pro League

As ElectrifySteel steps into the ALGS arena for EMEA Pro League, the organization is bringing with it a fresh perspective and a proven track record of success in the gaming world. The signing of Team Upper Moon serves as a testament to ElectrifySteel’s dedication to building a formidable presence in Apex Legends esports.


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