Apex Pro HisWattson Speaks Out Why Cheating Is Worse Than You Think

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In the competitive world of Apex Legends, cheating has become a pressing concern, and pro/content creator for FURIA HisWattson recently highlighted key reasons behind its severity. In a revealing livestream clip by JustApexThings on YouTube, HisWattson pointed out two crucial issues amplifying the problem.

Reason 1: Persistent Cheaters and Evading Bans

According to HisWattson, it’s not about the abundance of cheaters but the struggle of the current system to effectively deter them. “It’s not too many cheaters; they just evade bans by creating new accounts,” he emphasized, claiming one of the cheaters he has recently been versing “has been cheating for 2 years. I have been fighting that guy for 2 years and he streams with facecam on and cheats.”

Reason 2: Trust in the Community

HisWattson noted that suspicion also heavily clouds the rise of skilled new players, creating an environment where the initial reaction is often, “‘he’s cheating.'” This skepticism, stemming from the prevalence of cheaters, may sometimes unfairly tarnishes the reputation of emerging talents.

A Call for Change

As we enter a new year, HisWattson’s insights underscore the need for significant changes in the fight against cheating in Apex Legends. Players eagerly await a more effective anti-cheat system and the restoration of trust within the community, fostering a fair and enjoyable environment for all players.

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