Pro Apex Team FURIA Signs Former DarkZero Coach PVPx for Year 4 of ALGS

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In a significant move that has sent shockwaves through the Apex Legends esports community, pro Apex Legends coach PVPx has officially signed with Team FURIA, a renowned Brazilian organization with a prominent North American Apex Legends Team. This announcement comes after PVPx’s departure from Team DarkZero, where he played a pivotal role in securing victory at the North American Regionals.

PVPx, known for his exceptional coaching skills and profound understanding of the game, remained a free agent for some time after parting ways with Team DarkZero. The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) community eagerly anticipated his next move, and it has now been revealed that he will be joining the FURIA roster for Year 4 of the ALGS.

Team FURIA, which boasts a strong presence in the Brazilian esports scene, has been steadily making strides in the North American Apex Legends competitive landscape. The addition of Coach PVPx is expected to further bolster their capabilities and bring a new level of strategic insight to the team.

Xera, one of the star players on Team FURIA, expressed his excitement about having PVPx on board, stating, “PVPx is an amazing coach with an insane amount of knowledge on not only how the game should be played but also what other teams are doing.” This endorsement underscores the immense respect and admiration that PVPx commands within the competitive Apex Legends community.

The current FURIA roster for Year 4 consists of talented players Xera, Pandxrz, and Albralelie, who have already proven their mettle on the competitive stage. With PVPx stepping in as coach, the team is poised to make waves in the upcoming ALGS events and solidify their position among the top North American squads.

PVPx’s track record as a coach and his experience in the competitive Apex Legends scene make him a valuable asset to any team. His strategic prowess, game knowledge, and ability to adapt to the ever-evolving meta have earned him a reputation as one of the most sought-after coaches in the esports industry.

As the Apex Legends competitive scene continues to grow, fans of both Team FURIA and PVPx eagerly await the opportunity to witness the synergy and strategic brilliance that this new partnership is expected to bring to the battlefield. Year 4 of the ALGS promises to be an exciting chapter for both the team and their dedicated fanbase, as they aim to conquer new heights with Coach PVPx at the helm.


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