Top Apex Teams Still Looking for Home in ALGS Year 4

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Apex Free Agency

In Apex Legends esports, a couple of under-the-radar rosters are making waves without the safety net of official contracts. Meet “o7” from EMEA and the former “BLKHVND” squad from APAC South, two teams that are carving their own paths in the competitive scene.

o7 Lineup

The “o7” lineup boasts Gnaske, Amphy, Naghz, and their coach “Don,” a crew that has already had the respect of the EMEA region. Amphy and Naghz, both skilled controller players, have turned heads with solid performances, especially Naghz, who clinched two 5th place finishes in ALGS Split 1 Playoffs & ALGS Split 2 Pro League. Amphy also has some top 10 placements that are impressive but is more heavily known for his lethal aim and mechanics grind.

Gnaske, the team’s IGL, brings in a ton of experience, securing a commendable 6th place at last year’s world championship with the Kansas City Pioneers. With Gnaske’s leadership, a solid social media presence, the favoritism from fans, and the firepower of Naghz and Amphy, “o7” is gearing up to catch the eye of potential organizations in the EMEA scene. They’re considered front-runners for a contract and are favorites to qualify for a spot at LAN.


Switching gears to APAC South, the former BLKHVND trio—StrafingFlame, EzFlash, and PlayerKay—stands out as a rare all Mouse and Keyboard Team in a controller-dominated scene. Their uniqueness is only overshadowed by their success, securing a stellar 3rd place finish at the ALGS Year 3 world championship in London.

What’s even more impressive is their dominant performance before the finals, where they snagged the top spot in Winners Round 1, plowing through some of the toughest competition. Doing all this with a mouse and keyboard setup is a testament to their skill and adaptability. They are clear favorites to place well in APAC South Pro League and secure a definite spot at ALGS Split 1 Playoffs LAN.

The Future

Despite these squads’ standout performances, it’s a tough reality that top-tier talent often goes unnoticed without the backing of a big-name organization in the fiercely competitive world of Apex Legends esports. As the game’s esports scene continues to evolve, fans are hopeful that players like those in “o7” and former “BLKHVND” find the recognition they deserve, paving the way for their continued success in Apex Legends esports.


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