Apex Team “MDY Red” Banned from ALGS Pro League

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In a surprising twist, the ALGS APAC South Pro League has been rocked by the disqualification of the once-prominent team “MDY Red” during Split 1. This decision follows a wave of controversy on social media, exposing accusations of collusion and a violation of ALGS rules.

The drama unfolded with an incriminating clip from team EXC, who found themselves in a promising 4th place on the leaderboard heading into the critical Game 5. The top spot belonged to Farmers Market, with MDY Red and KDA trailing closely in 2nd and 3rd places. The crux of the controversy revolves around EXC’s member Walsh, reportedly a friend of all three members of MDY Red, who sent a discreet discord message before the pivotal game.


In the message, Walsh hinted at influencing Jaspah, an MDY Red member, to land on Farmers Market for the upcoming match. Notably, MDY Red was already pre-qualified for the finals, holding a secure position near 2nd on the PSQ leaderboard. This raised suspicions of potential manipulation to favor EXC, given the razor-thin point gap between the 4th and 1st positions.

As the game unfolded, MDY Red shifted their typical landing spot from Lightning Rod to contest team Farmers Market who were formerly uncontested at Launch Pad. This controversial move saw MDY Red double-evac onto Farmers Market, disrupting their game and ultimately leading to their untimely elimination. This strategic interference violated ALGS rules against team collusion, prompting decisive action from the league.


The aftermath was significant, with ALGS officials releasing the list of qualified teams for the Pro League, pointedly excluding MDY Red. Team Ocean Turtle was named as the replacement, securing MDY Red’s place in the prestigious league.

Apex Caster “im_b_rad” took to Twitter to shed light on the gravity of the situation, confirming MDY Red’s disqualification and announcing Team Ocean Turtle as their rightful successor. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the paramount importance of fair play and sportsmanship in competitive gaming, as leagues like ALGS tirelessly uphold the integrity of the esports landscape.

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