Apex Streamer Brother Enoch Announces Move to ALGS Competition

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Moving to Apex Competition

In a surprising announcement today, popular Apex Legends streamer Brother Enoch has announced his bold leap into the competitive realm of Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS). Known for his engaging streams, commitment to his religious values, and extensive experience in ranked play and coaching, Brother Enoch is set to bring a unique perspective to the competitive scene.

While Brother Enoch may not have prior competitive experience, his dedication to honing his skills in the game is evident through his extensive time spent in ranked matches and rigorous practice sessions. As the former coach for Elev8, he brings valuable coaching expertise to the table, offering a strategic edge that could prove instrumental in navigating the challenges of competitive play.


One distinguishing aspect of Brother Enoch’s journey is his unwavering commitment to his core religious values. Despite the potential clash between his schedule and the demanding nature of the traditional Apex Legends competitive scene, Brother Enoch remains resolute in pursuing his passion for the game stating he would be looking for a permanent substitute for Saturdays. His ability to balance religious convictions with a fervent dedication to Apex Legends showcases a commendable commitment to his endeavors.

In a statement released on his social media platforms, Brother Enoch expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming ALGS season and his eagerness to contribute to a competitive team. He acknowledged the sacrifices that would be required due to his religious observances but emphasized his determination to overcome any challenges that may arise.

The Support

The Apex Legends community has shown overwhelming support for Brother Enoch’s decision to step into the competitive arena. Fans and fellow players alike have expressed their well-wishes, commending him for his dedication to both his faith and the game.

As Brother Enoch embarks on this new chapter in his gaming journey, the community eagerly anticipates witnessing his unique approach to competitive play. With a blend of mechanical skill, coaching expertise, and an unwavering passion for Apex Legends, Brother Enoch is poised to make his mark in the ALGS. We wish Brother Enoch the best of luck in his pursuit of competitive glory in the ALGS. May his journey inspire others to follow their passions and overcome obstacles on the path to success.

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