Apex Team 40%Worse Join ALGS EMEA Pro League After Team Banned

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The Ban

In the dynamic world of esports, unexpected twists and turns are par for the course. The Apex EMEA Team THREE DRAGONS found themselves in the midst of controversy yesterday, as one of their players received a ban, altering the course of their journey in the ALGS Year 4 Pro League.

The ban left THREE DRAGONS with a tough decision, having to play the finals as a duo. Despite the duo’s commendable performance, earning enough cumulative points to qualify for the Pro League, the disqualification loomed large. The unfortunate turn of events saw THREE DRAGONS lose their eligibility for the highly anticipated Pro League.

The Decision

As fate would have it, the next team in line to receive the coveted invite was none other than the fan-favorite streamers, “40% Worse.” Comprising the skilled players Xeriffer, ShivFPS, and TSM Mande, the trio was set to step into the spotlight.

Initially, TSM Mande expressed his reluctance to accept the invite, citing his belief that THREE DRAGONS deserved the opportunity despite the challenges they faced. Mande boldly declared that he “would not accept” the invite, emphasizing the sense of fairness he felt for the duo.

Discord Call

However, a behind-the-scenes discord call between the two teams brought about a change in perspective. THREE DRAGONS, in an unexpected move, insisted that 40% Worse take the Pro League spot. Despite their disqualification, the team displayed sportsmanship and a desire for fair play.

40%Worse To Pro League

Following the call, a turn of events occurred as 40% Worse reconsidered their position. ShivFPS took to Twitter to announce that they would be accepting the spot in the Pro League. The decision was not without a tinge of sadness, as the circumstances surrounding the invitation were far from ideal.

ShivFPS’s tweet conveyed a mix of emotions, acknowledging the unfortunate situation while expressing gratitude for the opportunity. Despite the unexpected route to qualification, 40% Worse is gearing up to compete in the EMEA Pro League for ALGS Year 4.

The entire incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of esports and the sportsmanship displayed by the gaming community. As 40% Worse prepares for the Pro League, fans can only hope that the competition will be fierce, fair, and memorable. Best of luck to 40% Worse as they embark on this new chapter in their Apex Legends journey!

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