Eight Apex Teams Join ALGS NA Pro League

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ALGS Split 1

The North American Apex Legends scene is gearing up for an exciting Split 1 of the ALGS Pro League, and the journey to secure a spot has been nothing short of thrilling. Let’s take a closer look at the eight teams that battled through the Preseason Qualifiers (PSQ) to earn their place in the spotlight.

PSQ Winners

1. Elev8: Zachmazer, Shooby, Zaptoh Elev8 emerged victorious in PSQ 1, showcasing great improvements since adding Zaptoh to their roster. The trio of Zachmazer, Shooby, and Zaptoh proved their mettle, setting the stage for an impressive run in the Pro League.

2. GKS: ChaoticMuch, Sauceror, SleepyPanda GKS, comprised of ChaoticMuch, Sauceror, and SleepyPanda, wasn’t initially the favorite, but they displayed remarkable resilience in winning PSQ 2. However, drama surrounds potential changes within the team, adding an extra layer of anticipation to their Pro League journey.

3. Oblivion: Arkology, Blinkzr, Akimboh PSQ 3 witnessed another underdog triumph as Oblivion, with Arkology, Blinkzr, and Akimboh, claimed victory. Year 4 seems to be the year of underdogs, and Oblivion’s success only adds to this exciting narrative.

4. Tempr: Adiuvant, Cloaked, CallSpades Team Tempr secured their Pro League spot by edging out competition, narrowly defeating Team Tripods by one point in PSQ 4. With Adiuvant, Cloaked, and CallSpades at the helm, Tempr is ready to make a mark in the Pro League.

PSQ Top 4 Points

5. N9ne Lies: Awope, DieNastied, Lazurr Despite not clinching a weekly victory, N9ne Lies, featuring Awope, DieNastied, and Lazurr, showcased consistent performance, earning them a spot in the Pro League based on overall points. The trio’s reliability is sure to make them a formidable force.

6. EVYLUTION: Euriece, Yaztoh, Vudo, Panic (Substitute) Team EVYLUTION, with Euriece, Yaztoh, and Vudo, along with substitute player Panic, secured their Pro League position, with Panic contributing significantly in the final week. This versatile squad is poised for success.

7. S2: Voiid, Coce, Carter Team S2, consisting of Voiid, Coce, and Carter, may not have made the PSQ4 Finals, but their consistency throughout the weeks secured them the 3rd position in overall points. Expect them to bring their A-game to the Pro League.

8. DropInGaming (DIG): Stuhni, Crook, Jaeyeon (Formerly Karma) Despite a challenging start, DIG, featuring Stuhni, Crook, and Jaeyeon (formerly Karma), finished strong in the PSQs. Their return to the Pro League is no surprise, and they are determined to make their mark.

As these eight teams prepare for the ALGS Pro League Split 1, the stage is set for intense battles and thrilling moments. Good luck to Elev8, GKS, Oblivion, Tempr, N9ne Lies, EVYLUTION, S2, and DIG as they embark on this exciting chapter in competitive Apex Legends. May the best squad emerge victorious!

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