Apex Faces “Collusion” Controversy Amidst ALGS PSQ Finals

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The recent Preseason Qualifiers (PSQ) for the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) concluded with a dramatic finale, but not without controversy. As teams battled for their chance to secure a spot in the Pro League, the community was left questioning the integrity of the event due to a format that allowed already qualified teams to compete in the PSQ Finals.

Leading up to the finals, fans had expressed dissatisfaction with the format, arguing that it provided an unfair advantage to teams who had already solidified their place in the Pro League through cumulative points. The concerns reached a tipping point as the tournament concluded, with many taking to social media to condemn the alleged griefing that occurred during the finals.


Griefing, in this context, refers to the intentional disruption of other teams’ gameplay, particularly those on the verge of securing a qualifying spot. Several instances were highlighted on social media, with teams deliberately landing on others who were close to achieving a top placement, effectively sabotaging their chances.

One notable incident involved EVYLUTION, a team already qualified for the Pro League, landing on SKT2, a team vying for a first-place finish. The move sparked major backlash, prompting EVYLUTION’s captain, Euriece, to address the controversy on Twitter. Euriece attempted to explain the team’s actions, emphasizing that the PSQ is an open competition where any strategic play is fair game.


However, this explanation did not quell the uproar, as many in the community pointed out that any form of collusion or intentional disruption is strictly prohibited by the ALGS rules. The debate intensified, with some arguing that the PSQ should be a fair and competitive environment for all teams, regardless of their current Pro League status.

The Future

EVYLUTION wasn’t the only team under scrutiny, as N9ne Lies also faced criticism as well. These incidents have raised broader questions about the enforcement of fair play and sportsmanship in competitive gaming, particularly when it comes to tournaments with high stakes and the opportunity to qualify for the prestigious Pro League.

As the fallout from the drama continues, fans are eagerly awaiting official statements from both EVYLUTION and N9ne Lies, as well as the ALGS organizers, to address the controversy and provide clarity on the rules surrounding intentional disruption and griefing in the PSQ. The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced in maintaining a fair and competitive environment in esports, and it remains to be seen how the ALGS will respond to ensure the integrity of future tournaments. Stay tuned for all the latest ALGS news as the fallout from this dramatic PSQ unfolds.

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