Apex Team BANNED Minutes Before ALGS Finals

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In a shocking turn of events, the Apex Legends Preseason Qualifier (PSQ) #4 is marred by controversy as one of the top contenders, team “THREE DRAGONS,” faces a devastating setback just 50 minutes before the much-anticipated finals. The esports community is left in dismay as player JuyZi reveals that his teammate Sunzyyy has been banned and locked out of his account, casting doubt on their chances of making it to the Pro League.

Their Chances

Team “THREE DRAGONS” had been positioned at a commendable 7th place overall, with a strong likelihood of securing a top-four finish to punch their ticket to the Pro League. However, the sudden ban of Sunzyyy puts their dreams in jeopardy, raising concerns about the recurring issue of unexpected player bans plaguing the Apex Legends competitive scene.

Frustrations with ALGS

This unfortunate incident comes on the heels of a similar predicament faced by team “Redragon” earlier in the week, further highlighting the growing frustration among players and fans alike. The esports community has been quick to express their displeasure on social media, with professionals and fans tagging developers and creating emails and tickets in the hope of a swift resolution.

Regrettably, the response from the developers has been less than satisfactory, with delayed replies compounding the issue. As the clock ticks down to the finals, the fate of “THREE DRAGONS” hangs in the balance, and the esports community anxiously awaits a resolution that may determine their Pro League aspirations.


Upon further investigations, many fans have brought to light that the player in question had reportedly been “boosted by a cheater”. This has sent many fans to combat the argument that while the frustrations with ALGS is real, some of these players may be getting deserved bans.

As fans and players eagerly await updates on the situation, the broader question of the esports ecosystem’s stability and support mechanisms comes into focus. Will “THREE DRAGONS” find a resolution in time, or will they join the unfortunate ranks of teams like “Redragon” who never received a fix for their issues? Was the player in questions falsely banned, or was it accurate? The outcome remains uncertain, underscoring the need for a more robust and responsive support system in the competitive gaming sphere. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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