The Reason Apex Pro HisWattson is Returning to ALGS Year 4

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The Return

Retirements and comebacks are not uncommon occurrences in the Apex Legends esports scene. Recently, the Apex Legends community was taken by surprise when the renowned player and streamer “HisWattson” announced his return to the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) after a brief retirement. What’s even more intriguing is his decision to join forces with the formidable squad “Already There,” comprised of ImMadness, Keon, and Vaxlon, who unfortunately had to have a player step down to make room for the returning veteran.

HisWattson’s retirement, which seemed rooted in a desire to escape the stresses of competitive play and focus on content creation, left fans puzzled about his sudden change of heart. The catalyst for this surprising return can be traced back to the disbandment of the FURIA roster, featuring Albralelie, Xera, and Pandxrz. FURIA, in a strategic move, promptly welcomed HisWattson back into the competitive arena.


As many fans wanted to know why HisWattson had decided to return, ImMadness shed light on the situation in a recent video, revealing that FURIA had been courting HisWattson for some time to come back. The prospect of reuniting with Keon (a close friend) and joining forces with ImMadness (the highly impressive IGL) ultimately seemed to sway him to return to competitive play. The trio had already proven their synergy by securing the top three Apex Predator positions on the ranked leaderboards during Apex Season Ignite, showcasing their individual and collective prowess.

One notable aspect of HisWattson’s return are his new conditions. Unlike before, he is able to play a more comfortable role as he has already expressed his lack of interest of playing the IGL (In Game Leader) role like he did on the old FURIA roster. Madness noted that HisWattson “agreed to return if it meant playing with Madness and Keon”. HisWattson’s preference for playing alongside Keon, combined with his admiration for ImMadness’s leadership skills, aligns with his vision for a winning formula.

The Future

As the ALGS unfolds, fans and pundits alike will be closely monitoring the performance of Already There with its revamped lineup now on FURIA. Only time will tell if HisWattson’s return will be a triumphant comeback or a decision that might shake the foundations of the team’s success. One thing is for certain – the Apex Legends community will be eagerly anticipating the outcome of this unexpected turn of events. Stay tuned for the next chapter in HisWattson’s competitive journey.


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