OpTic Gaming Release Apex Roster & Exit ALGS

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In a move that has caught the competitive Apex Legends community by surprise today, OpTic Gaming has announced the departure of their ALGS roster. The trio, consisting of Skittlecakes, Knoqd, and Dropped, has been a fixture within the organization for some time now, making this announcement all the more surprising.

The news broke via OpTic Gaming’s official Twitter account, catching many fans off guard. Skittlecakes and Knoqd, in particular, had been stalwarts of the OpTic lineup, with their journey dating back to the teams performance at the Championship LAN in year 3, where they secured a commendable 2nd place and dominance in late year 2. However, despite their past successes, recent performances have evidently not met the organization’s expectations.

The decision comes hot on the heels of a disappointing Split 1 of the ALGS Pro League, where OpTic Gaming failed to secure qualification for LAN, finishing in 14th place overall. While the roster showcased glimpses of brilliance throughout the split, it was ultimately not enough to cement their position among the league’s elite.

Dropped, one of the members of the departing trio, took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the matter. According to him, he says that OpTic Gaming has made the decision to “exit the Apex scene” entirely. This has been unconfirmed by an official OpTic gaming account.

This revelation raises questions about the organization’s future involvement in competitive Apex Legends, especially considering OpTic’s status as one of the 12 ALGS partnered teams.

The fate of Skittlecakes, Knoqd, and Dropped following their departure from OpTic Gaming remains uncertain. With the possibility of free agency looming large, fans are left to wonder whether the trio will choose to stick together and seek new opportunities or pursue individual paths within the competitive scene.

As the ALGS moves into its fourth year, all eyes will be on the former OpTic Gaming roster and the organization itself to see how their respective futures unfold. Will Skittlecakes, Knoqd, and Dropped find success elsewhere, or will they regroup and make a triumphant return under a new banner? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for further updates on the future endeavors of Skittlecakes, Knoqd, Dropped, and OpTic Gaming.

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