ALGS More Likely To See Olympus Now

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Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) is where the best of the best go head-to-head, and the map rotation can make or break the competition. Recently, there’s been a lot of chatter about the possibility of Olympus being added to the mix. Let’s dive into why this might actually become a reality.

Pro Players Speak Up

Pro players like FURIA Albralelie spilled the beans that EA was asking for their opinions on the map Olympus during the off season. This behind-the-scenes move showed EA’s commitment to making ALGS better.

TSM’s manager, MinusTempo, revealed a bug on Storm Point which caused them to not use the map in scrims, and in turn, switch to using Olympus even more after the original feedback period. It is important to note that it is NOT likely to see Storm Point leave the rotation, but with it’s lack of use in scrims, it has opened the gate for Olympus to make its stand.

Respawn’s Weighs In:

Pros are buzzing about Olympus with mixed opinions. Some players like Dezignful on “The DOJO” are excited for it; stating in exclusive interview that “it will force teams to be adaptable and cook up new legend metas to try out.” Pros are tweeting about new drop spots, strategies, and the constant engagement with Olympus seems to keep trending upwards.

Evan Nikolich, Respawn’s Senior Design Director, joined the conversation, retweeting MinusTempo’s announcement with a big “Yes, comp on Olympus! Let’s make it happen!” This has fans seriously to believe that EA wants the change heavily, but only if it’s a positive change. So far, players seem to really be adopting the idea.

Fan Feelings

Fans are divided. Some are thrilled about Olympus spicing up ALGS, while others worry about the balance and changes it might bring.

The odds are stacking up for Olympus to make its mark in ALGS. With pro player support, bug troubles on Storm Point, and Respawn’s enthusiasm, it’s becoming a real possibility. The big question now is whether fans will cheer or jeer this exciting twist in the world of Apex Legends esports. Stay tuned!


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