Apex Pro Sweetdreams Joining Stallions for ALGS according to Pros

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The Change

In a shocking update, Apex Legends Pro Sweetdreams seems to be on the brink of joining a new roster for ALGS Year 4. The speculation arose when fellow pro player retzi took to Twitter, revealing that slayr and fuhnq had received an irresistible offer to join a new organization with a fresh third member.

All signs point to Sweetdreams as the potential third member, especially considering his recent statement about keeping his options open. This implies a departure from his former teammate Nafen and opens the door to exciting possibilities for Sweetdreams in a different team dynamic.

Many Apex pros took it to Twitter to state the speculation as if it was already fact. Stuhni, Zachmazer, and minustempo would all chime in on the conversation as if it was known information insinuating the move is accurate.


However, this move comes with significant consequences, as it would lead to the forfeiture of NRG’s Pro League spot. The vacant spot would then be claimed by the emerging team, relocating from Stallions to LG, thereby creating another opening in the Pro League.

The spotlight now shifts to the contenders for this coveted Pro League spot, with Tripods and Oversleepers being the two names in contention. As the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Rostermania unfolds, the community eagerly anticipates the finalization of these roster moves and the subsequent impact on the competitive scene.

Stay tuned for more updates as the story develops, and Apex Legends fans brace themselves for the changes that will shape the landscape of professional play in the coming season.

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