ALGS To Allow Apex Teams With Multiple Rosters

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Big news in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) – the rules have been tweaked, allowing organizations to roll out multiple teams in official events. This switch has set the stage for both top-tier teams and up-and-coming talent to make waves in the Apex Legends scene.

The previous rulebook had a clause barring organizations from flaunting multiple rosters in ALGS. This restriction put a damper on fan hopes, especially when TSM signed a women’s team, only for fans to realize they couldn’t compete together not only due to region differences but also these existing rules.

Rule Adjustment

The rule revamp does away with this roadblock, green-lighting organizations to field separate teams with their own identities in ALGS. This opens the door for imaginative team setups and a more varied representation in Apex Legends competitions.


2.3.4. Representing an Organization in the ALGS
Teams may represent an organization in the ALGS, subject to the following restrictions:
● Multiple Teams may not represent the same organization; and
● Competitors and Teams may not represent an organization that may have direct or indirect operational control of another organization in any Event. Teams are required to report any potential concurrent organizational conflict to EA.

Impact on Content Teams:

Teams like 40%Worse, featuring well-known players like Mande, ShivFPS, and Xeriffer, stand to gain from this change. Now, if teams like this wanted, could seriously consider what organizations they are apart of in order to join the ALGS competition under the banner of their organization whilst not taking away from the official “A” team or competitive roster.

It would be a buzz amongst the community to see an “A” and “B” team for organizations like TSM, FaZe, FURIA, and others. The questions proposes itself however, which rosters would make sense?


The recent ALGS rule change, green-lighting organizations to field multiple teams, signals a major shift in Apex Legends esports. This newfound flexibility lets teams experiment with different setups, connect with fans in fresh ways, and boost the scene’s growth. The future of competitive Apex Legends looks promising, offering up intense competitions and surprise team dynamics that’ll keep fans hooked.


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