Apex Host HER GALAXY Not Paying Tournament Winners

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Leaving Esports

HER GALAXY, a tournament host, recently announced its exit from esports, leaving behind a trail of unmet commitments. Winners of their Apex Legends tournaments, including participant “Ducks,” have taken to Twitter to express frustration over unpaid prize money.

Not Paid

Ducks lamented, “None of our follow-up emails have been responded to.” The failure to honor promised payouts is particularly disheartening for participants, especially women who invested three months in qualifiers, only to be denied their rightfully earned rewards. The organization promised to pay in 90-180 days; however, it has been 6 months to date still with no pay. They also have been accused of not paying their staff members as well which make it seem unlikely that these deserving players will receive their prize.


It’s important to note that they may try to use a specific rule as a loophole out of paying or to by extra time as players have not even received the document for player/payment information.

Loss of Trust

HER GALAXY’s breach of trust not only tarnishes the integrity of esports but also fuels mistrust within the gaming community. This incident highlights the crucial need for transparency and accountability in the industry.

As the community rallies for justice, the HER GALAXY debacle serves as a reminder of the importance of ethical conduct in esports. The affected participants deserve not only their promised prize money but also a commitment to prevent such incidents in the future.

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