Apex Pro Taisheen Faces “Scam” Allegations from ALGS Coach Sineska

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In surprising news, the Apex Legends professional community has been rocked by allegations of scamming, as Apex Professional coach for Element 6, “Sineska,” took to Twitter to issue a warning about popular streamer and professional player “Taisheen.” The now deleted tweet claims that Taisheen had reportedly scammed “tons of pros and others.” We spoke with Sineska who also states he tried to scam some “very big names.”

Sineska expressed his frustration, revealing that he had reached out to Taisheen multiple times, pleading for repayment. Despite promises to settle his dues, Sineska alleged that he was consistently met with what he described as “stupid excuses.” The coach went on to express his disappointment, stating, “You told me about your problems, and I trusted you. You are a piece of s*** for this.”

“Gambling Addict”

Suspicions were raised as Sineska hinted at Taisheen possibly being a “gambling addict.” These allegations had been made in times past regarding Taisheen. The coach’s public call-out not only shed light on the alleged financial deceit but also hinted at underlying personal struggles that may have contributed to Taisheen’s actions.

Taisheen Responds

We reached out to Taisheen for a comment on the situation, and he disputes these claims, stating: “he adds wrong storys into it like gambling addict and i own some ppl money”. He also claimed Sineska was “lying”, “mad”, and “getting his money now”. He also would publicly take it to Twitter to respond to Sineska.

Taisheen Pays Back

After Sineska deleted the original tweet, we reached out and learned that Taisheen had paid back the money that was owed directly after the tweet was made. Our team reached out to various sources within the Apex Legends community. Some, who chose to remain anonymous, confirmed that they had shared a similar experience with Taisheen, echoing Sineska’s sentiments of broken promises and financial deception.

Other Pros Agree

Apex pro RKN also responded to the situation calling out Taisheen for an alleged GoFundMe that was created on Twitter asking fans for help on his “debt and taxes.”

We spoke to Taisheen about this and asked him in which his response was “bad decision yes I did. But deleted After couple hours was depressed like other human.”


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