The Strongest Apex Team from Each ALGS Pro League Group

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As the anticipation for the upcoming ALGS North America Pro League continues to build, fans and analysts alike are eagerly speculating on the potential powerhouse teams that will dominate their respective groups. While the groups are not officially confirmed, the insights provided by TSM manager “minustempo” offer a compelling glimpse into the likely compositions, allowing us to speculate on a few of the matchups. It’s important to note some of these groups have changed slightly since roster updates.

Group A: TSM – The Reigning Champions

In Group A, the spotlight unquestionably falls on the defending world champions, TSM. With a proven track record, including remarkable 1st, 2nd, and 1st place finishes at all three LAN events last year, TSM has set an unparalleled standard of excellence. Their seasoned roster, boasting with talent and experience, makes them the favorites from this group and certainly likely to qualify for LAN.

Group B: League of Legends – Consistency Kings

Group B mirrors the top-heavy nature of Group A, with League of Legends emerging as a team to watch. Comprising Xynew, Phony, and Frexs, this roster has exhibited remarkable consistency, especially since the addition of Xynew. Strong scrim results further solidify their standing as a formidable force in the competition. While OpTic Gaming poses a significant threat, the lack of comparable scrim reps edges League of Legends as the team to beat in Group B.

Group C: XSET – The Best Roster Upgrade

Group C stands out as the most stacked among all groups, featuring rosters that have tasted success in the past. However, one of the most noteworthy off-season roster changes is XSET picking up Koyful. This strategic move has transformed the team into a powerhouse, showcasing formidable strength in both individual skill and team synergy. As a result, XSET claims the top spot in what promises to be an intensely competitive group.

Qualifying for LAN

It’s important to emphasize that the groupings primarily determine which teams will share lobbies, as the 12 teams advancing to LAN are determined by overall points across all groups. While some may argue that an easier group implies an advantage in accumulating points, the fierce competition in each group is sure to test the mettle of even the most seasoned squads.


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