More Esports Organizations Join The ALGS Ahead of ESWC

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Three major esports organizations have announced their return and in one case entry to the Apex competitive and the ALGS, each signing impressive rosters that are set to make waves in the competitive scene.

Kansas City Pioneers (KCP)

The Kansas City Pioneers, who had previously stepped away from the ALGS during Year 3, have made a triumphant return by signing the North American fan favorites, the Tripods. The team, consisting of Deeds, Onmuu, Gent, and coach Voltic, has been on an impressive streak lately. After qualifying for the Split 2 Pro League through the Challengers Circuit, they went on to secure a spot in the Esports World Cup through open qualifiers. Their recent performance in the pro league made them an obvious choice for KCP, who are eager to re-establish their presence in the ALGS with this dynamic roster.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan has made a strategic move by signing the underdog team Made In Heaven, which now consists of Artic, Sinetic, and new addition Naghz. This team has auto-qualified for the World Cup based on their stellar performance in Split 1, emerging from the EMEA region. They currently hold the top spot on the Split 2 Pro League leaderboard in EMEA. Rumors about FaZe Clan’s official return to Apex Legends has been circulating for months, and with the World Cup in Riyadh just around the corner, their signing of Made In Heaven comes as a timely and strategic decision. This roster’s recent hot streak makes them a formidable contender under the FaZe banner.

Ninjas In Pyjamas (NIP)

Ninjas In Pyjamas have added the powerhouse EMEA team o7 to their ranks, consisting of Gnaske, Zaine, and Amphy. This team has consistently been at the top of the EMEA region over the years, showcasing their exceptional skills and recent synergy. Their invitation to the Esports World Cup aligns perfectly with NIP’s status as a partnered organization for the event. This long-anticipated signing has thrilled fans, who are eager to support Gnaske and his team under the prestigious NIP banner.

These signings mark a significant moment in the ALGS as established organizations bring on board some of the most promising and talented teams. With the Esports World Cup on the horizon, the competition is set to heat up, and fans can look forward to witnessing some top-tier Apex Legends action.


My name is Austin, also known as Lumpy. I am a involved in all things Apex and ALGS.

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