DOJO Explains Why Teams Like TSM Are More Threatening Than OpTic in ALGS

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In the high-stakes world of competitive Apex Legends, where every split-second decision can make the difference between victory and defeat, one North American team stands out for their unshakable confidence and unwavering focus on performance: The DOJO… and while OpTic Gaming soared to the top of the World Championship finals, leaving other teams in their dust, The DOJO discusses why they remained unfazed vs a team like OpTic Gaming which surprised a lot of fans.


The DOJO’s recent interview with ALGS YouTuber “JHAWK” shed light on their perspective, revealing a level of conviction that set them apart from the rest. Despite OpTic Gaming’s commanding lead in the ALGS Championships, The DOJO did not lose sleep over the powerhouse team’s success. Their reasons were simple but profound: OpTic Gaming, despite their formidable presence, had shown inconsistency in their past performances, particularly in scrims.

OpTic Gaming may have been in first place by a mile, winning multiple games and maintaining a substantial lead over the second-place team, but The DOJO knew that it was a team like TSM, who had proven time and again that they knew how to secure victories when it mattered most, that posed the true threat.

The DOJO’s perspective, though seemingly bold, was firmly rooted in their understanding of the ebb and flow of competitive gaming. They understood that while dominance in the games leading up to match point were impressive, it’s the performance in match point that truly matters. Their assessment of OpTic Gaming was that their dominance might not translate into a match point win, a view seemingly at odds with the conventional wisdom that the first-place team is always the one to beat.


As the championship event unfolded, The DOJO’s prediction became a reality. TSM, the team that had consistently demonstrated their ability to rise to the occasion, managed to secure three consecutive victories, edging out OpTic Gaming and taking home the ALGS crown.


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