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In a recent announcement, VERSUS, a prominent esports tournament and league organization, revealed that they would once again be hosting the Regional Finals for Apex Legends this year in both the EMEA and NA regions. While this news was met with enthusiasm from the Apex Legends community, it also highlighted a recurring issue – the lack of financial support from EA (Electronic Arts) in certain categories of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS).

VERSUS’ Ambitious Plans

VERSUS’ decision to host the Regional Finals for Apex Legends in multiple regions is undoubtedly exciting for fans and players alike. The organization has a solid track record when it comes to organizing and streaming esports events, and the expansion of their casting talent is a move towards enhancing the quality of Apex Legends esports coverage. However, it is the financial aspect of this decision that has raised eyebrows within the community.

The Lack of Funds

Apex Twitter user and influencer “Jevvy Media”, brought the issue to the forefront by candidly stating, “For the love of God EA, start paying your talent. Challenger Circuit is still a part of the ALGS.” This statement was accompanied by a screenshot from the application process, underscoring the fact that EA is not providing funding for this project, leaving VERSUS with a “limited” budget. This lack of support for a pivotal component of the Apex Legends competitive scene has ignited frustrations among fans and professionals alike.

The Ongoing Discontent

The discontent surrounding the lack of funding for the ALGS is not new. Many in the Apex Legends community have long expressed their dissatisfaction with EA’s level of support for the competitive scene. Critics argue that in order to establish Apex Legends as a premier esports title, more financial investment from EA is required.


Prominent figures within the competitive scene have also chimed in on the issue. MinusTempo from TSM, a respected voice in the Apex Legends community, noted that EA might be doing more behind the scenes than fans realize. However, his hint at a possible partnership between EA and ALGS team organizations suggests that there is room for improvement when it comes to EA’s support for the competitive Apex Legends scene.

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