Apex Pro Team Vexed Gaming Announces New 3rd “KIND4” for ALGS Year 4 Roster

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The Move

In a move that’s causing ripples across the Apex Legends esports scene, Vexed Gaming has unveiled its newest addition to the ALGS Year 4 roster – KIND4, formerly known on Element 6. At just 17 years old, KIND4 is being touted as a prodigy in the making, and his impact on the EMEA Region roster is eagerly anticipated.


KIND4’s rise to prominence has been nothing short of meteoric. His exceptional skills and in-game intelligence have made him a standout player, gaining respect from both fans and fellow competitors.

Bringing KIND4 into the Vexed Gaming family was a strategic move aimed at staying competitive in the ever-evolving Apex Legends landscape. His youthful energy and passion for the game are expected to invigorate the team, with the organization’s experienced players complementing his talents.

With KIND4 now on board, Vexxed Gaming is poised to climb the ranks in the EMEA Region’s Apex Legends competitive scene with KIND4, MaTaFe, and Unlucky . The esports world is watching with bated breath, as the team’s blend of youth and experience promises an exhilarating journey through ALGS Year 4. Stay tuned for what’s sure to be a thrilling season with KIND4 in the lineup.

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