Apex May NOT See Map Rotation Update for ALGS Year 4 after EA Announcement

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As Apex Legends fans eagerly anticipated the launch of Year 4 in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), one major question loomed over the community’s heads: would Olympus be added into the ALGS Year 4 map rotation? Recent developments have brought forth some uncertainty regarding the fate of Olympus in ALGS Year 4.

Olympus made a brief and unexpected appearance in ALGS scrims, taking over the spotlight due to technical issues with Storm Point. This sudden change raised eyebrows and had many fans were concerned about the possible addition of Olympus in the map rotation.

Rumors further intensified when Albralelie, a pro player for FURIA, confirmed that Electronic Arts (EA) had reached out to the pros for their valuable feedback on the map. It seemed like Olympus was making a strong case to secure its place in the Year 4 ALGS map rotation. Fans and pros alike waited with bated breath for official confirmation.

Map Rotation

However, the plot took an unexpected twist when the official ALGS page released the sign-ups for the Preseason Qualifiers, revealing that matches would be played on “World’s Edge and Storm Point.” The glaring absence of Olympus on the page left many in the community perplexed and confused. The uncertainty surrounding the map’s addition had fans and pros questioning whether Olympus would indeed return for Year 4.

What People Are Forgetting

While it’s still unclear whether the official ALGS may look to add Olympus to its map rotation in the future, the current absence of the map from the Preseason Qualifiers schedule raises doubts about its immediate inclusion. Many fans didn’t expect to see Olympus join the rotation anyways until AFTER a map update to better suit the competitive nature. It is possible the map will not be played for PSQ but still played in Pro League because pro league is set to start in January, and it is possible to have a map update for Olympus by then being there will be a collection event before January which commonly brings map updates. It is also likely that EA asked for feedback on that map because Olympus map changes could have already been in the works.

The ALGS has been known to adapt and evolve as the competitive Apex Legends scene continues to grow, but the silence surrounding Olympus leaves fans wondering if the map’s addition to Year 4 will remain a mystery.

Some pros like “ImMadness” from “Already There” seems to have hopes that no changes are made at all after many pros shared their disinterest in playing Olympus for Year 4.

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of Apex Legends esports, change is a constant. As fans, we can only hope that Olympus finds its way back into the competitive rotation at some point in Year 4, but for now, all we can do is keep a watchful eye on the official announcements from EA and ALGS. The fate of Olympus remains uncertain, leaving players and fans alike eagerly awaiting more news in the ever-exciting world of Apex Legends esports.

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