Moist Esports Confirms ALGS Year 4 Roster for Apex Legends

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Moist Esports ALGS Year 4 Roster

Moist Esports has set the Apex Legends community abuzz by officially confirming their roster for ALGS Year 4 on Twitter. The organization excitedly announced, “The rumors are true: next season Moist will be competing in North America and we’re pleased to welcome Gild to the squad 💦.”


The addition of Gild to Moist Esports has been a subject of speculation for some time, with fans spotting him in scrims alongside Moist in North America and APAC South. Gild is renowned as one of North America’s top Apex Legends players, with a strong competitive track record.

With the final roster confirmed, expectations are high for Moist Esports in ALGS Year 4. The synergy between their existing talent and Gild’s expertise positions them for a strong performance in the upcoming ALGS Year 4 World Championships.

As we anticipate the new season, the Apex Legends community eagerly looks forward to Moist Esports’ performance with their enhanced roster, promising an exciting and competitive season ahead.


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