Apex FaZe Member Responds To “Apex Roster Dropped” for ALGS Year 4

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FaZe Roster Dropped

In a shocking turn of events, FaZe Clan’s future in the competitive Apex Legends scene is uncertain, following a recent leak on the official ALGS partner site, Battlefy.com. The leak revealed that all three of FaZe’s members, Snip3down, Phony, and Frexs, were listed as “ex-FaZe.” This unintentional revelation, discovered by @TAG_Tom_apex on Twitter, isn’t the first time Battlefy has leaked roster changes for Apex Legends.

The Future of FaZe

FaZe Clan has been a dominant force in Apex Legends, with an impressive track record in tournaments, including strong performances at the ALGS Championship Finals. This potential exit has left fans and the esports community sad as it was likely not due to lack of performance.

Many organizations have recently left Apex Legends like NRG, G2, Cloud 9, SSG, KCP, and Liquid, and many believed FaZe was on the list to be next due to financial reasons.


Apex pro for FaZe “Phony” however responded to the message saying it was “News to me.” This indicates the news could be a mishap or accident. People are curious to see what happens to FaZe in Apex Legends in the upcoming ALGS Year 4. What is true, and what is false?

FaZe Not Playing Scrims

Although this change was rumored, people also were suspicious as FaZe clan had not been participating in recent scrimmages through Oversight Esports. People knew there was a “hold up”, but many hope this wouldn’t be the truth.

These leaks not only disrupt team dynamics but also erode trust and compromise competitive integrity. Fans eagerly await official statements from FaZe Clan, Battlefy, and Respawn Entertainment regarding the situation, hoping for clarity and resolution.

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