ALGS NA Match Day 7 A vs. B Recap & Leaderboard Breakdown

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In a thrilling clash of titans, ALGS North America Match Day 7 (A vs. B) brought forth remarkable performances from many teams. A very exciting match day to end the weekend, here is the recap and how it affects the overall standings.

Match Day 7 A vs. B Final Leaderboard

Complexity and Monsoon stole the spotlight alongside Lou and Retzi. Showcasing exceptional teamwork and skill all day led Monsoon and company to a resounding victory, claiming first place with an impressive 56 points and 39 kills. Their confident team fights and consistent placements demonstrated a level of dominance that left spectators in awe.

One of the most memorable narratives of the day unfolded with Native Gaming, who etched their mark on the community by securing a solid 3rd-place finish. Accumulating 55 points, 25 kills, and 2 wins, Native Gaming showcased their synergy, further solidifying their position as a fan-favorite team. The addition of Luxford to complement Rambeau on the roster proved to be a successful strategic move, propelling Native Gaming to new heights as they continue their quest for LAN.

Spacestation Gaming (SSG) put up a valiant effort, finishing 4th on the day with 53 points and 23 kills. Despite a strong start with consistent top 5 placements, SSG faced challenges in games 4 and 6 that halted their ascent to the top of the leaderboard. Nevertheless, the stellar performances of Phony, Frexs, and Xynew position them favorably for future competitions, as they remain in prime contention for a LAN spot.

As always DarkZero emerged as another powerhouse during Match Day 7, securing a 2nd place finish with 55 points and breaking the tie with Native Gaming through an impressive 28 kills. DarkZero’s dominating season continues, with every strategic move and precise execution bringing them closer to securing their tickets to LAN.

ALGS North America Top 12 – Overall Leaderboard

Examining the overall standings after match day 7, DarkZero stands tall with 106 points, creating a significant 26-point gap over the now 2nd-place team, Complexity (80). LG maintains a consistent 3rd place standing with 75 points, highlighting the importance of continued solid performances to clinch a coveted spot at LAN. TSM and SSG have climbed to 5th and 6th overall with 71 and 70 points respectively, showcasing the intense competition and dynamic shifts within the leaderboard after just a single match day.

As the ALGS North America pro league season comes closer to an end, the stage is set for more intense battles, unforeseen twists, and the ultimate quest for LAN supremacy. Teams like DarkZero, Complexity, and LG have positioned themselves as formidable contenders, but in the ever-evolving landscape of competitive Apex Legends, anything can happen. The next match day on March 9th promises to deliver even more excitement and fierce competition as teams fight for Split 1 LAN.


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