Apex Players Call for Format Change to ALGS

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The Complaining

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) has faced criticism from players, including prominent figures like Raven, TSM_ImperialHal, and Teq, and many others who are unhappy with the current 4-game qualifier format in the Preseason Qualifiers (PSQ).

The Grievance: Limited Games, Unfair Outcomes

Players argue that the four-game format introduces randomness, RNG, and griefing, leading to unfair outcomes. This sentiment has sparked a social media outcry, as players feel the format doesn’t provide a comprehensive evaluation of teams’ skills.

Seeking Change: Players Voice Concerns to Battlefy Admins

Despite players bringing their concerns to Battlefy admins, the response has been discouraging, citing logistical challenges and concerns about extending match times. There seems to be some solution to this however as before the ALGS Pro League and Challenger Circuit, the schedule spanned Friday to Sunday with fewer teams qualifying per round. Some players argue that this era was more enjoyable and changes were implemented due to pro team demands.

Potential Solutions: Balancing Act for ALGS Admins

Players suggest reducing the number of teams that qualify for the next rounds in exchange for having more games. This could provide a more balanced and fair evaluation while addressing logistical concerns. As the debate continues, the ALGS community awaits a resolution that balances comprehensive evaluation and logistical feasibility, ensuring a fair and competitive environment for all participants.

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