Apex EMEA Pro “Noiises” Announces New Roster For ALGS Year 4

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In the ever-evolving landscape of competitive gaming, Apex Legends Pro “Noiises” has made waves once again. After the disbandment of the much-celebrated JLINGZ roster, Noiises has taken to social media to announce a new, formidable lineup for the ALGS Year 4 season. The EMEA region is filled with anticipation as this talented squad aims to make a significant impact on the competitive Apex Legends scene.

Noiises, who is well-known in the ALGS landscape and specifically in the EMEA region, revealed his new team on Twitter today. The freshly minted lineup features Noiises himself alongside SirDel, and BRYNN with HTPHarold as the Coach. Fans are excited for the return of BRYNN. This lineup carries a wealth of experience, talent, and enthusiasm, making them an exciting prospect for fans of Apex Legends esports.


In a heartfelt message to his former teammates from the JLINGZ roster, Noiises expressed his love and respect for them. “As for @Jmwfps @Nagghz and @coldjyn, I love and respect these guys, and I’m sure we will all find success in our new ventures ♥️,” Noiises tweeted. This display of sportsmanship and camaraderie is a testament to the strong bonds that form within competitive gaming teams, and it underscores the professionalism of these talented players.


The EMEA region has recently faced its fair share of challenges in the ALGS Year 4 season. The competition has intensified, and teams are continuously evolving to stay at the top of their game. Noiises and his new squad have set their sights on achieving greatness and overcoming the hurdles that lie ahead.

As the ALGS Year 4 season unfolds, EMEA fans can expect an exciting year of Apex Legends competition. Teams like Noiises, SirDel, HTPHarold, and BRYNN have the potential to break out and make their mark on the region’s esports scene. Their combined experience, skills, and dedication are a recipe for success, and they are sure to bring thrilling matches and moments to Apex Legends fans worldwide.

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