Apex Team Crazy Raccoon Rejoin ALGS With Ganbare Otusan

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The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) community, and specifically the APAC North scene, is buzzing with excitement as Crazy Raccoon, a well-loved organization, makes a comeback in the APAC North region after recently parting ways with their team. The roster, formerly under the name Ganbare Otusan, has an impressive roster featuring Dogma, JungHee, Jusna, and Coach Mandi. The true talking point here is their commendable performance as free agents in LAN events, leaving fans eager to see how they fare in the upcoming ALGS Year 4 Season.


Ganbare Otusan’s journey through the ALGS has been turning heads, especially considering they operate as a free agent roster. Despite lacking the backing of a formal organization, they consistently outshine teams with more support. Here’s a snapshot of their notable performances in ALGS:

  1. ALGS Split 1 Pro League – 8th Place ($4,000)
  2. ALGS Split 1 Playoffs – 12th Place ($15,000)
  3. ALGS Split 2 Pro League – 3rd Place ($12,000)
  4. ALGS Split 2 Playoffs – 12th Place ($12,000)
  5. ALGS World Championship – 32nd Place

Their ability to secure top placements versus 30 APAC North teams in Pro League, 40 Globally Qualified teams at the Playoff LAN events, and Qualify for an appearance at the World Championship speaks volumes about their skill and determination.

Looking Forward

As Ganbare Otusan, now Crazy Raccoon, gears up for the ALGS Year 4 Season, fans are optimistic about their potential to make a mark. With Dogma, JungHee, Jusna, and Coach Mandi bringing their synergy to the table, the roster appears well-prepared for the challenges ahead. Crazy Racoon’s return adds an extra layer of anticipation to an already exciting competitive landscape.

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