Apex Pro Sweetdreams Hints Strategic Roster Move for Better ALGS Seeding

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Sweet’s Twitch Clip

In a recent snippet from a Twitch stream, Apex Legends pro player Sweetdreams dropped a curveball about his team’s plans for the upcoming ALGS Year 4 Season. The chatter among fans revolves around Sweetdreams opting to use his pro league spot instead of joining The Stallions pro league spot, a team rumored to include Fuhhnq and Slayr.

The Stallions had already secured a pro league spot, finding themselves in the hotly contested Group C, affectionately known as the “stacked” group within the community. Fans are catching on to the fact that pro league spots aren’t just placeholders and groups aren’t just equal; they could significantly influence a team’s standing in the pro league. Sweetdreams and his teammate Nafen, currently hold the NRG Pro League spot, so if the rumors are try of the roster merge with The Stallions, this opens up the options for their team’s seeding in the ALGS.

ALGS Seeding

If Sweetdreams and company decide to go with the NRG spot instead of The Stallions’, they could maneuver from Group C to Group A, rubbing shoulders with titans like TSM. This would still presumably free up The Stallions’ spot and allow a new team to fill it. However, this strategic shift hinges on keeping Nafen on the roster. Many fans were excited to think of Nafen still playing with long time duo Sweet but they may not particularly be the case.

Nafen Substitute

Apex Legends content creator “JHawk” floated the idea that many seem to agree with that Nafen might assume a substitute role to pull off this covert roster change and not necessarily be a starting player. This subtle adjustment could be a game-changer, potentially giving the team a better seed and a shot at success in the upcoming ALGS Year 4 Season.

Roster Announcement

As the Apex Legends community eagerly anticipates the unfolding of this stealthy roster change, the prospect of Nafen remaining involved, even as a substitute, adds an extra layer of mystery. With the ALGS Year 4 Season on the horizon, fans are poised for Sweetdreams and his team to execute this sly move and turn it into a winning strategy on the competitive Apex Legends stage.

Roster lock for the ALGS is January the 6th which means the decision must be final soon. Sweet has hinted that the public announcement will be soon in the coming days or week.

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