Apex Team Beargoats Wins ALGS Challenger Circuit #2

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The conclusion of the Challengers Circuit #2 (CC) in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) brought forth an exhilarating display of skill and determination, with the under-the-radar Spanish-speaking team “Beargoats as” emerging victorious after a day of tough competition.

Final Leaderboard

Beargoats consisting of members ReconTW, F14kes, and Not_PainX secured their victory with an impressive total of 79 points and 41 kills, showcasing their skill in both strategy and gunplay. Their positioning and zone calling were almost perfect the whole series, landing them consistent late-game placements. The competition was fierce, with teams battling it out until the very end in a race to the finish line.

Team LC, comprising ex-pro league players Vaxlon, Stuhni, and Osivien, gave it their all and secured 2nd with 70 points. Notably, they achieved the highest number of kills on the day, amassing an impressive 42 kills. Despite their outstanding performance, LC couldn’t secure enough consistent placement points to surpass Beargoats.

A significant highlight of the weekend was the triple women team of Insomnia. It was confirmed that they were the first all-women’s team to make finals in CC for North America. Finishing in 13th place, Insomnia fought hard, earning respect for their tenacity and determination in competitive Apex.

Meanwhile, the spotlight was also on Tripods, a team that underwent recent changes, parting ways with Nickmercs and recruiting Onmuu. Despite starting strong with a victory in game 1, Tripods struggled to maintain momentum, securing only 30 total points and 13 kills. However, their resilience suggests that this setback won’t be the last time we see Tripods in such a situation.

As CC #2 comes to a close, attention turns to the horizon of CC #3, scheduled to take place from March 23-25. Fans and enthusiasts alike are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on what promises to be another thrilling installment of the ALGS Challengers Circuit. Congratulations to Beargoats and all the teams for their exceptional performances, setting the stage for more exciting battles in the future.

Overall CC Leaderboard

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