Moist LEAVES APAC S to JOIN North America in Apex ALGS Year 4

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In a shocking turn of events, Moist eSports, formerly the undisputed powerhouse of the APAC South region in Apex Legends, has announced its decision to transition to the highly competitive North American scene for Year 4 of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS). Moist eSports had been a consistent top contender in the past LAN events throughout ALGS Year 3, but this move hints at the team’s eagerness to challenge themselves further and seek new opportunities.

The Trend

This is not the first time a prominent APAC South team has made such a bold transition. Last year, DarkZero, another former APAC South standout, made a similar move to North America and enjoyed considerable success. This move not only elevated their gameplay but also thrust them into the spotlight, garnering attention from fans and competitors alike.

However, Moist eSports’ shift to North America is creating quite a stir and adding complexity to the ALGS landscape. With only a limited number of slots available for North American teams to qualify for LAN events, the arrival of Moist eSports has left fans wondering which North American team might miss out on a spot they would have otherwise earned. The competition within North America has always been fierce, and this unexpected entry only intensifies the struggle for qualification.

What now for APAC S?

Simultaneously, this decision by Moist eSports raises questions about the future of the APAC South region. Recent times have witnessed some of the region’s best teams departing for other competitive regions, with a notable influx into the Peoples Republic of China region. This exodus has left the APAC South region wide open, with numerous opportunities for new contenders to emerge and challenge for supremacy.

ALGS Year 4

The one certainty amidst all these transitions is that ALGS Year 4 promises to be nothing short of breathtaking. With Moist eSports now in the North American mix, the competition will undoubtedly reach new heights. The exciting and dynamic nature of the esports scene means fans and players alike can look forward to a thrilling year ahead, where anything can happen.

As teams from different regions continue to make audacious moves, the stage is set for a truly global spectacle, and fans around the world eagerly await the start of ALGS Year 4. Get ready, Apex Legends fans – the action is about to hit a new level of intensity!


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