CLAIM: Gild “Playing with DarkZero” Potentially DEBUNKED for ALGS Scrim

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In the fast-paced world of competitive gaming, rumors and speculations often spread like wildfire, especially when it involves renowned teams like DarkZero. Recently, there was quite a buzz in the Apex Legends community regarding claims that Gild might have been playing with DarkZero and even potentially trialing for the team during ALGS scrims. However, it appears that these rumors have been possibly debunked, shedding light on the true identity of the mysterious player known as “Corn Cob.”

Corn Cob

Fans had been excited, suspecting that “Corn Cob” was none other than Apex NA Pro “Gild”, potentially trailing out for DarkZero. However, it didn’t take long for the truth to emerge, thanks to the vigilant members of the Apex Legends community.

Steam Profile

A notable voice in the community, @Junyatsuu, took to X (formerly Twitter) to clear the air, stating, “It was their coach.” This statement was supported by @wzChico, who added, “It was. Snipe opened steam profile and it was zz unless they had someone play on z’s acc.” This evidence strongly suggests that the player in question was, in fact, DarkZero’s coach, known as “zZ.”

While it’s technically possible for someone else to use a coach’s account, it seems highly unlikely given the scrutiny and speculation surrounding this situation. The consensus among those in the know is that “Corn Cob” was indeed DarkZero’s coach and not “Gild.”

With this debunking of the rumors, the Apex Legends community can now refocus its attention on what truly matters: the exciting prospects and changes that may be in store for the DarkZero roster as they prepare for ALGS Year 4. While “Gild” may not be joining their roster just yet, it’s still a possibility. Fans can still look forward to seeing how the team evolves and adapts to the challenges ahead.


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