Apex Announces ALGS Year 4 Talent

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After a long wait, the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) has revealed many of their official details today including its stellar lineup of casting talent for Year 4, bringing together seasoned favorites to guide fans through the action-packed esports journey.

Desk Hosts

Heading the desk host lineup are familiar names that need no introduction to the ALGS community. Raynday, Stella, and GlitterXplosion are set to grace the screens as the charismatic anchors, providing insightful analysis and engaging banter to enhance the viewing experience for fans worldwide.


The casting team is equally star-studded, boasting a diverse group of talents ready to capture every thrilling moment in the virtual arena. Zephyr, Vikkikitty, Onset, Dia, Gaskin, SpiderTiff, and Genome will be the voices behind the action, delivering expert commentary and unrivaled enthusiasm that has become synonymous with ALGS broadcasts.

ALGS Health

What sets this year apart is the absence of any dramatic upsets in the ALGS Talent category. Unlike the esports organizations facing departures and shifts in the competitive scene, the casting talent remains a stable force, ensuring a seamless transition into Year 4. This consistency is undoubtedly good news for the ALGS community, as fans can continue to enjoy the high-quality commentary and analysis they’ve come to expect from the league.

As the esports landscape continues to evolve, having a reliable and well-established casting team is crucial for maintaining the integrity and excitement of competitive gaming. The ALGS Year 4 casting talent lineup promises just that – a combination of experience, passion, and expertise that will undoubtedly elevate the viewer experience to new heights.

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