Apex Team Moist Denied US Visa Before ALGS Pro League

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Denied Visas

The Moist Esports North American Powerhouse roster, featuring Gild, Wxltzy, and Emtee, along with coach Draugr, is grappling with an unexpected setback as they gear up for the North American Pro League. Unfortunately, the trio of Wxltzy, Emtee, and coach Draugr has hit a roadblock with their USA visas, casting doubt on their debut in the competitive scene.

While Gild, a US resident and a key player on the team, remains unaffected, the core of Moist Esports hails from the APAC South Region. Their commitment to the North American Pro League has encountered an unforeseen challenge.

Throughout the off-season, the Moist Esports roster has faced the uphill battle of participating in scrims from across the pond, dealing with high ping issues as they prepared for the North American competition. As the Pro League looms, the team has made a strategic decision.

Change of Plans

According to a tweet from APAC South Caster “im_b_rad,” Moist Esports plans to relocate to Canada temporarily at the beginning of the North American Pro League. This move aims to allow the team to compete while actively working to resolve the visa issues preventing their full participation in the USA.

Moist Esports owner, popular YouTuber and content creator Moist Cr1TiKaL (Charlie), expressed his dissatisfaction with the visa denial. Reportedly, the organization had meticulously filed all necessary documents, confident in their compliance with the requirements. However, it appears that their visa agent may not have fully grasped the concept of esports and the team’s standing as a top-tier global competitor.

One particular frustration highlighted by Moist Esports is the perception that their visa agent didn’t believe they were a “top 20 worldwide team”, potentially contributing to the visa denial. This lack of understanding within bureaucratic channels underscores the ongoing challenges that esports organizations face in gaining recognition and support on a global scale.


Looking ahead, the urgency to resolve visa issues becomes even more critical, considering rumors circulating about a LAN event in North America for ALGS Year 4. If Moist Esports qualifies for this prestigious event through the Pro League, their ability to attend would be contingent on swift resolution of visa matters. Given the team’s strong performance in scrims and their reputation as one of the best, the likelihood of qualification for a LAN event is high.

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