ImperialHal Wants To Make Apex Great Again

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Make Apex Great Again

In the fast-paced world of Apex Legends, one thing has remained remarkably constant, and that’s that there is room for improvement. Season 19 Ignite has come, and according to many like Pro Player “ImperialHal”, it’s just more of the same. The same legends dominate the meta, the same guns are ruthlessly abused, and aside from some map adjustments, not much has genuinely evolved in ages for Apex. With a touch of humor, Hal suggested, “We need to Make Apex Great Again.”

Something Needs to Change

ImperialHal’s candid remarks, while tinged with humor, underscore a genuine concern within the Apex Legends community. As a game that thrives on innovation and adaptation, fans and professionals alike are beginning to wonder if the game’s meta is becoming a stagnant pool where only a few favored legends and weapons can swim.

Hal pointed out that while each new season brings a flurry of excitement, the enthusiasm tends to fizzle out quickly. Players are eager to embrace the latest updates, only to find that the changes do little to shake up the fundamental mechanics of the game. This leaves many wondering what Apex Legends should consider switching up to reinvigorate its player base and professional scene.

ImperialHal’s plea for change isn’t without merit. While new legends, weapons, and maps keep things fresh, the core gameplay mechanics have remained largely untouched for an extended period. To “Make Apex Great Again,” it might be time to consider some transformative ideas:

  1. Balancing Act: Regularly reevaluating legend abilities and weapon stats can help diversify the playing field and keep the meta from growing stale. Frequent updates to weaker legends and underused weapons could encourage more variety in player choices. (Bring Back Mid Season Nerfs & Buffs)
  2. Multiple Map Updates: Apex drives a lot of hype for fans as new map updates come. Seasonal updates can feel short lived when the map changes are not playable just days after it’s release. Just shortly after season 19 Ignite released, fans were stuck on one of the most hated maps “Broken Moon”. Respawn could consider a season that features changes and updates to multiple maps.
  3. New Features: Fans are looking for new things to do. Although change can be great, fans may also just be looking to try new features that have been requested like in game tournaments, in game leaderboards, etc.

The Future

ImperialHal’s plea reflects the sentiments of many Apex Legends players who have watched the game’s evolution from its inception. While the development team at Respawn Entertainment has done a commendable job keeping the game engaging, it might be time to consider significant shifts to keep Apex Legends at the forefront of the battle royale genre.

In the end, “Making Apex Great Again” is a lighthearted call for innovation and transformation, challenging the developers to think outside the box and give the players a reason to stay engaged for the long haul. Apex Legends has a dedicated fan base, and with the right adjustments, it can continue to flourish in the ever-evolving gaming landscape.


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