Senoxe LEAVES DNO Apex ALGS Roster

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In a surprising move, Apex Legends pro player Senoxe has decided to part ways with Team DNO (Dudes Night Out) just before the start of ALGS Year 4. DNO, previously under the ownership of popular Twitch streamer Disguised Toast, made waves in ALGS Year 3, securing a spot in the championship after winning 2nd place at the Last Chance Qualifier.

Senoxe was a key member of the DNO roster, contributing to his success with his remarkable skills and teamwork. However, he recently announced his departure on Twitter, expressing gratitude for the memorable moments and victories with the squad but indicating his desire to seek new opportunities in Year 4.

This unexpected departure leaves fans speculating about Senoxe’s next move and the future of DNO. As the competitive Apex Legends scene evolves, the departure of Senoxe from DNO sets the stage for an exciting and unpredictable ALGS Year 4. Who will replace Senoxe on DNO? Stay tuned!


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