Apex Potentially Teases ALGS Year 4 Schedule Announcement

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The ALGS has featured for years the best teams and players from around the world, competing for glory and prizes in online and offline tournaments. The ALGS Year 4 schedule is expected to be announced soon, and the Apex Esports Team, the group of developers and managers behind the ALGS, has presumably dropped a hint on social media.

ALGS Year 4 This Fall

The ALGS Year 4 schedule is one of the most anticipated topics in the Apex Legends community, as it will reveal the details of the next season of ALGS tournaments. The ALGS Year 3 ended with an exciting championship in September, where TSM emerged as the global champions after defeating SAF in a close final match. Since then, fans have been looking forward to seeing more action and drama from their favorite teams and players in the ALGS Year 4. The Team at ALGS hinted during the production that “ALGS Year 4 would return this fall.”

The Tease

Zac Conely, also known as Tab, is the league operations manager for ALGS. He is in charge of overseeing the ALGS tournaments. On Tuesday, October 3, he tweeted a mysterious emoji of “2️⃣”, without any further explanation. This immediately caught the attention of many ALGS fans and players, who wondered if this was a clue about when the ALGS Year 4 schedule would be revealed.

Some of the responses to Tab’s tweet suggested that the emoji could mean that the ALGS Year 4 schedule announcement would be in two weeks or two days. Others joked that it could be two months or two years. One of the analysts for DarkZero, a professional Apex Legends team, replied to Tab’s tweet wondering if the “announcement in 2 weeks?”

Apex Pro for TSM “ImperialHal” also said on stream a few weeks ago that Challenger Circuit could be happening in November and Pro League is after. It is possible the tweet could be referring to “2 months” until the first game. Of course, this is all speculation. There is always a possibility that Tab’s tweet was not related to ALGS at all, or that he was just trolling the fans. However, given his role and his previous tweets about ALGS, it seems unlikely that he would tweet something so cryptic and irrelevant. It is more plausible that he was teasing the fans with a subtle clue about the upcoming ALGS Year 4 schedule announcement.

The Apex Team has not given any official information about when they will announce the ALGS Year 4 schedule, but Tab’s tweet suggests that it could be sooner than later. We will keep you updated as this story develops. Stay tuned for more news and updates on ALGS and Apex Legends.

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