Apex Pro Sweet on New Orgs Coming into ALGS

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In the world of competitive Apex Legends, pro player “Sweet” recently hinted at an exciting turn of events during a Twitch stream. Sweet was previously a part of the renowned NRG roster, which sadly left the Apex Legends scene, leaving fans wondering about his future.


Sweet shared in his live stream last week that several esports organizations are expressing interest in entering the Apex Legends scene, signaling a promising future for competitive play. While acknowledging that these potential organizations might not be as prominent as NRG, Sweet remained optimistic, stating, “It’s still nice to see.” After much backlash EA has received for the lack of support financially for these teams, hopefully this is a promising sign for the future. Sweet also indicated that he sees himself joining “an existing org in apex already”.

The Apex Legends community is now eagerly awaiting news about Sweet’s next team for ALGS Year 4. Although specifics are yet to be confirmed about his next roster, it’s clear that Sweet is actively exploring his options in preparation for the upcoming season.

The Clock is Ticking

ALGS Year 4 has already seen several new rosters dive into scrims and preparations for the upcoming Pro League and Pro League Qualifier, making the clock tick faster for Sweet and other players who are yet to finalize their lineups. The excitement surrounding these developments showcases the enduring appeal of Apex Legends esports and the passion of its dedicated player base.

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