Apex Pro Sweet New Team Looks Strong for ALGS Year 4

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Sweet Return

In a surprising turn of events, Apex Pro Sweet has emerged from a period of professional inactivity to join the competitive scene once again for ALGS Year 4. After a hiatus from professional play following the conclusion of ALGS Year 3 Champs, Sweet has returned to the battlefield, and fans are eager to see him in action.

The Apex Legends community has been abuzz with excitement as rumors circulated about Sweet’s return to competitive play. The speculation gained traction when it was revealed that he would be teaming up with Nafen, a familiar face from their time together at NRG. Nafen, known for his exceptional skills and strategic gameplay, brings a wealth of experience to the team.


Many were thrown off by the gamertag changes. Sweet’s steam account is still as of recent “DREAMER THE MEMER”. In the scrims however his account appeared as “Sweetdreamsh1” which suggest he could have switched to EA Play. His teammate “Handshakege” was confirmed to be Nafen via steam profile.

What adds an extra layer of mystery and anticipation to Sweet’s return is the inclusion of a third player, identified only by the enigmatic pseudonym “78578643.” While unconfirmed, we can confirm that it is a controller player after the noticeable stick drift during the match. Many believe to think they know who this player could be. It is important to note while we searched the account history, we found very little important information. His identity was kept secret.


Some have assumed that this would be Koyful, reigning from Sentinels. Sentinels recently announced roster changes and many speculated that SEN may look to build around Sweet. Koy has yet to play with Xen and Rkn recently so the move seemed likely. We checked Koyful’s account and while online during the scrims, his account was “AFK” shortly before scrims started and all the way throughout scrims. There is a possibility for it to be Koyful if he went through the hassle to fake his main account being online.


However, there is another intriguing possibility after players in scrims were playing and saw the action of the team live and noticed what they perceived to be familiar behavior. They believe that the mysterious third player could be “Zaine” from the EMEA region, a player with a reputation for stellar performances. If true, Zaine’s inclusion would add an international flair to the team, showcasing a diverse range of skills and playstyles.

Further upon this speculation, upon checking the profile of the player, it was noticed by DIGVIBEZZ that he seemed to have more EU related friends, leading the belief it may not be someone from NA.


We did notice that there were two separate accounts linked to this player username, both of which had a common friend with professional player Genburten. It may be a coincidence. Oddly enough, DarkZero were not present in the scrims. According to many, pro player Zaptoh accidentally leaked that the player was in fact Genburten after signing up in the discord. It was rumored weeks back that Gen had interest in playing with Sweet, but it’s still possible that the new 3rd is someone that no one is thinking of.

More about “78578643”

The identity of 78578643 remains a mystery, the account seems to a smurf ALT account level ~200. The origin ID for the account “CallllMeDaddyyy” provides no leads which leads us back to speculation.

The Future

Although it seems likely who the 3rd players could be joining Sweet and Nafen in ALGS Year 4, fans should wait for the official confirmation as Apex Pros tend to host “trials” for their roster changes to test the waters before commitment. The excitement surrounding Apex Pro Sweet’s return to competitive play continues to grow. Koyful, Zaine, and Genburten are all considered superstars of possibilities for this team but are unconfirmed in the Apex Legends community, and either one would be a formidable addition to the team.

The return of Sweet, alongside the reunion with Nafen and the addition of a yet-to-be-revealed third player, sets the stage for a thrilling season of ALGS Year 4. The competitive Apex Legends community is on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the debut of this formidable trio and the potential they bring to the competitive scene. Stay tuned for further updates as the mystery unfolds.

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