Apex Pro Genburten Potential New ALGS Year 4 Roster

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78578643’s Identity

In a thrilling turn of events during last night’s scrims, the Apex Legends community was buzzing with speculation surrounding a mysterious player with the enigmatic username “78578643.” After a thorough investigation, multiple sources have now “confirmed” that the player behind this intriguing alias is none other than DarkZero’s very own Genburten.


The first clue that caught the community’s attention was the Username ID attached to the mysterious account – “CallllMeDaddyyy.” Humorously enough, this name bore a striking resemblance to Genburten’s persona.

High Ping

As players delved deeper into the investigation, another significant detail emerged – the player exhibited a “high ping.” This matches Genburten’s status as he currently is in Australia.

Mutual Friends

Further scrutiny of the account’s history unveiled two instances of the “CallllMeDaddyyy” username, and interestingly, both profiles shared a common factor – Genburten was listed as a friend. The Apex Legends community took note of this connection, fueling the speculation even further.

Pro’s Confirm

Pro player Zaptoh played a crucial role in solidifying the rumors. He confirmed multiple times during the night that the mysterious player was indeed Genburten. This revelation added substantial weight to the emerging narrative of Genburten’s potential move to a new ALGS Year 4 roster.


While the details surrounding this roster remain somewhat shrouded in mystery, it is essential to acknowledge that this may still be in the trial period. The information is unconfirmed and should be taken with a grain of caution. However, it’s worth noting that leaks from months ago hinted at Genburten’s interest in joining forces with the talented player known as “Sweet.”

As the Apex Legends competitive scene continues to evolve, fans and enthusiasts eagerly await official announcements and confirmations regarding the speculated roster changes. If Genburten’s potential transition materializes, it could mark the beginning of an exciting chapter for both the player and the team involved, bringing together a formidable lineup for ALGS Year 4.

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