Apex Pro Koyful Seen Playing With XSET in ALGS Year 4 Scrims

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As the Apex Legends Global Series Year 4 approaches, the competitive scene is buzzing with intrigue and speculation, with the latest focus centering around the versatile player Koyful. In a surprising turn of events during last night’s scrims, Koyful was spotted playing with XSET, raising questions about potential trials and future team affiliations.

Could Koyful be trialing for XSET?

What caught the community’s attention was not only Koyful’s temporary stint with XSET but also the context surrounding his appearance. Typically associated with the duo of Sweet and Nafen as of late, Koyful’s venture into XSET’s lineup left fans puzzled, especially considering that he filled in for Sikezz, a key player for XSET.

Sikezz Playing With DZ

The confusion deepened as Sikezz, usually a stalwart member of XSET, unexpectedly found himself playing for DarkZero in the same scrim session once more. Sikezz had played with DarkZero recently in scrims and other tournaments but fans didn’t think too much of it until last night. This unexpected switch led to rampant speculation that Sikezz might be in the midst of trials with DarkZero, adding an extra layer of mystery to the unfolding roster changes.


The possibility of Koyful trialing with XSET is both intriguing and plausible. While it could be a temporary substitution or an exploratory phase for the team, the idea of Koyful potentially considering XSET as a future home cannot be ruled out. XSET, a renowned team with a track record of success in the NA region, would provide an appealing environment for any player seeking competitive excellence.

Despite the assumption that Koyful’s primary allegiance may lie with Sweet and Nafen, the recent XSET trials introduce an element of uncertainty. The competitive Apex Legends landscape is dynamic, and players often explore different team dynamics to find the best synergy and strategic fit.

The Future

As the community eagerly awaits official announcements and clarifications, it’s essential to recognize that these developments are part of the intricate dance of roster changes and trials that characterize the lead-up to major tournaments. The unpredictability of the situation only adds to the excitement, keeping fans on the edge of their seats as they follow the evolving narratives of their favorite players and teams.

In the coming days and weeks, as ALGS Year 4 roster changes continue to unfold, fans are encouraged to stay tuned for updates. The competitive Apex Legends scene is a dynamic and ever-shifting environment, and the journey towards optimal team configurations promises to be filled with surprises and strategic recalibrations.

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